Growler Lounge #1 - Harriet Br

Growler Lounge #1 - Harriet Brewing

Size: 24" x 18" - Acrylic on Canvas

The Skinny: Live painting of Zack Lozier Trio Jazzin' up  Harriet Brewing in the Growler Lounge on 2/12/11. The Brewery had only recently opened, and it was the third Saturday of growler sales. Although outside it was a typical bone-cold Minnesota day, inside the place was warmed by friendly faces, jazzy live music from the Zack Lozier Trio, and delicious beer.  If this day was any indication of the future of the brewery, Harriet was here to stay! This live painting commemorating an early epoch in the history of Harriet Brewing is a must-have collectible for all Harriet enthusiasts.

Original: SOLD
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Print Options: $30 11 x 14 Print


Prints are also available at the Harriet Brewing Art Gallery
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Minneapolis, MN 55406

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