Los Lobos @ The Music in the Z

Los Lobos @ The Music in the Zoo - 7/15/10

"Howlin' Wolf"

Size: 16" x 16"

The Skinny: Painted live during Los Lobos @ The Music in the Zoo on July 15, 2010. The wolves were howling at the zoo… on the stage Los Lobos was playing a Music in the Zoo show on July 15, 2010, and the “howling” was music of the highest degree. As always, Los Lobos played a beautiful mix of originals, The Dead, and other fan favorites. In a similar vein, this live painting is also a mix – at first glance one sees a wolf howling at the moon – but wait, is it wearing sunglasses or is it? Then again, maybe the whole image is a shooting star or a trail of cosmic debris…you decide!

Original: SOLD
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