Wodan Weizen - Harriet Brewing

Wodan Weizen - Harriet Brewing

Size: 18" x 24" - Acyrlic on Canvas

The Skinny: Label painting for Harriet Brewing's German-Style Weissbier, 'Wodan Weizen".  Minnesota’s rich German heritage has defined our State’s brewing culture since the mid 1800’s. Minnesota also produces a great deal of our Country’s wheat and barley right here in the Red River Valley. Harriet honors those ingredients in a classic German-style Weissbier, Wodan Weizen. Wodan was the Germanic supreme deity of the pantheon and ruler of paradise and is often symbolized by a wolf or raven. Wodan’s white wolf protects our Minnesota settlements and wheat fields while his raven soars over our rivers, lakes and sacred land keeping a thoughtful eye on us all.

Original can be viewed at Harriet Brewing's Art Gallery located at 3036 Minnehaha Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55406. Check brewery website for hours

Original: SOLD
Print Options: I have a couple options listed but I can accommodate any request! Call me at 612-730-7385 or email if you are interested.

8" x 10" Wodan Weizen Print: $25


18" x 24" Wodan Weizen Replica: $250
Replicas of all brewery art are printed out on canvas, streched around bars and then embellished. All one of a kind.
Each replica is then numbered in successive order. Harriet Brewing owns the originals and #1 of each painting will be auctioned off at some point in the future.
Next Replica: #5


11" x 17" Wodan Weizen Poster
Poster is the full label with the Harriet Brewing logo. (image below)

Harriet Brewing's Wodan Weizen 11x17 Poster