Yonder Mountain String Band @

Yonder Mountain String Band @ Music in the Zoo - 6/12/10

Size: 12" x 30"

The Skinny: Painted live during Yonder Mountain String Band @ The Music in the Zoo on June 12, 2010. YMSB started 2 minutes early and pushed it all the way to curfew! A rainy day and a rainy Yonder history was looming on us all day. Under silver clouds and a hint of rain, Yonder had the entire Zoo acting like animals thirsty for a full show. Talking Heads song was on fire at some point during this epic show :)  + Jeff Austin called out my good friend Timmy "The Freak" Smith (purple twister) from stage and wow was he dancing. 

Original: SOLD

Print Options: I have one size listed but I can accommodate any request! Call me at 612-730-7385 or email if you are interested.

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